Yes on I
For a Quality Education

Measure I is passed by Fremont voters!

On June 7, 16 Measure I was passed by over 69% of our community. Measure I will help us continue to educate, challenge, and inspire the students of Fremont. Quality education is possible when excellent teachers, administrators, and classified staff work hand-in-hand with parents and the community.

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About Measure I

Measure I is a measure to maintain quality education in Fremont schools. It will be on the local ballot on June 7, 2016.

Yes on I will:
Maintain math and science programs
Maintain reading and writing programs
Attract and retain highly qualified teachers including, science teachers for 21st century science education
Relieve overcrowding in classrooms
Keep school libraries open
Support a 21st century education curriculum with computers and instructional technology
Maintain programs to prepare students for the workforce
Protect student safety and security

Voter-approved school funding is expiring! Yes on I will prevent loss of funds and maintain the excellent education our students deserve!

Yes on I includes tough fiscal accountability and taxpayer safeguards to ensure funds are spent as promised, including Independent Citizens' Oversight and public reports to the community. No funds for administrator salaries or pensions.

Join a unanimous Fremont Board of Education, teachers, parents, PTA leaders, Fremont City officials, and thousands of stakeholders in supporting Yes on I to maintain quality education in Fremont schools!

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